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Changes are needed

Lately, both Australia and International news, there are news where women’s rights are taken by force. Of course, media are using it to attack the men. Not all men are doing it.

I met many men that respect women

I met men that did not want to hurt women

I have met men that did not want to force themselves into women.

I am not here to say men are at fault. However, I am concerning about parenting these days.

Parents are doing it hard.

There are parents who are tip toeing around kids

There are parents who would not admit their children need assistance

There are parents who are having it tough financially.

Our society needs to be responsible.

We are too protective

We do not build resilience in kids

Do you know teachers are not allowed to make negative comments about kids?

Do you know polices’ hand are tied because of duty of care?

Do you know our legal system does not protect the hard-working people?

When the Justice is no longer respected and protecting the people who are doing the right thing, why do we have it?

For convenience?

To protect the rich?

Wake up world, we are not doing things right, we need to make changes


Pokemon Go is the new phenomenon around the Globe.

For those who do not understand it, it seems like a cult. Hence, medias are trashing it.

As a player myself, I am biased. I think there are lots of things that are positive from this game but obviously I am not going to deny, there are dangers along with the game.

One my first day of playing, a guy almost got killed in front of me. He was playing Pokemon Go while crossing, the worse thing was he was not checking on the traffic. I could not deny, that I did it before. However, that was a wake up call for me. I could be that guy.

Playing Pokemon Go while driving is pretty much suicide waiting for happening. Do not drink and drive.

What are the positive about this game?

I saw many parents are bonding with their children while catching pokemons together. Mums and dads who are driving their childrens to find pokemon, find a topic starter. Obviously those topics are expanding.

There are more people at the park, walking, running and hunting. Many suddenly realise that they are healthier. Most players I have seen, said they are walking at least 10K per day. Same here. My worse day since the last three weeks were 8K. Some days I got to 20K. I have better night sleep too.

People are suddenly realising that their surroundings are beautiful, full of amazing art works. Some we have never seen. I have been to some of the areas numerous times, I still missed so much of it. My sense of community is stronger too as I come to appreciate this country.

It is a good conversation starter. I met many people who are playing alone, making friends on the park. This is a good conversation exchange. You met many interesting people.

People are not hunting real animals, I still consider that as a cruelty and by hunting pokemons, animals are safe.

Do not rub this off completely, it is a good game, best playing in a team and hunting together.


Gotta to catch them all.



I hate talking about religions but I am going to preach a bit here.

Do not get me wrong, I love reading, studying and get to know religions. They are fascinating, oldest knowledges around. Most religions are open to interpretation since none of us live in those period of time. (Don’t shoot me yet)

Lately, I feel annoyed just reading or seeing it around. Too many of us are hiding behind our religions for good or bad. I read an article once, comparing religions and penises. It is good to have but not good to show around.

I really want people to adopt that rules.

I believe all religions have its own good and bad. Talk about Buddhism for example, cos I am a Buddhist (I can insult it since it is mine, my mess my business rule is very important here).

Talk, see and hear no evil.

It is not possible. Gossiping is my second nature, I love it with passions, I can’t stop doing it. Buddhism is about perfecting your Dharma to reach Nirvana. Honesty speaking, it is a good philosophy but it ain’t happening. why am I following it?. There are many religions out there, and I know Buddhism the best (I don’t know abundant of it but I adopt more kind of a select and taste rule), I do not know a lot about other religions due to my limited brain storage and too occupied by my cats. I do believe most religions are teaching people to be good.

Terrorism, for example, so many people are relating it to Islam. They are not Muslims, or/and extremist muslims, they are just a bunch of killers. They hide behind Islam, because they need support. Obviously clue number 1, they are not many of them, those crazy guys (Thank you God for that). I bet it is a small numbers hence the recruiting. They use Islam to recruit people, pretend to give those vulnerable hope and give those longing a sense of belonging. Once, they got them in (HAP), they use them again using the name of Islam and the God of Islam, ALLAH.

However, knowing a little bit of Islam, their advocacy is no killing. Love your friends and neighbours, sounds similar too right.

See, many of us good or bad, we are using our religions as our shields. It is really should be just you and your God. It should not be the headline on the media or social media or social life. There is a lot more we need to worried beyond religions. For example, when will TV and radio stop talking about the Kardhastian. I do not know them, but I think they should keep their lives to themselves.

third party?

Friendships are awesome! it is great to have one or two best mates in life. One is hard to find and those who have more is very lucky in life.

However, when your best mate is married, sometimes it changes on your friendship. Your partner might not like your best mate and consider them a third party.

When something like this happen, what do you do?

Do you let your friends go?

Do you give your partner ultimatum?

Do you pick on of them?

There is not an easy answer, some friendship has endured childhood, puberty and adulthood, maybe old age. So does your partnership.

I recently watched a show on YouTube, the wife is very unhappy with the best friend because she thinks her husband loves him more than her. First, I thought the wife was just jealous but watching more, her husband accidentally said, you only waited for him for four hours. I waited him for 16 years.”

I immediately feel for them,  I know it is not love between them, it is more than love, he is a friend that he could not lose. I think it is unfair to make him choose between his friend and his wife. However, I think his friend does need to make some sacrifice and stop making his wife jealous. He would purposely said your kids loves me more than you. Do not also said to the husband, hang up the phone and do not listen to her. 

The husband does has the responsibility to make it clear to the friend that those words will hurt their relationships, all three of them. The wife needs to be friendlier to the friend too.

I do not believe it is one person’s task. I do hope their work together.

It is hard to find a great friendship and hopefully they will work together and maintain it.


Video on this :

2014.04.17康熙來了完整版 小三危機,我們的婚姻都有人介入?

Celebrate the marriage!

same sex marriage“I now pronounce you husband and husband, you may kiss the man”.

US Supreme Court has legalised the same sex marriage in 28th June 2015. Same sex couples may now marry in all 50 states in America. Although this momentum has not yet changed the government of Australia. It has certainly put it on our politicians’ agendas.

For years, people used many excuses for stopping our gay and lesbian friends tie a knot.
Religions seem to be the biggest stopping stones for our friends, however, no religion has right to tell people not to love each other. People has even used Sacred books to defence their reasoning but we all know that it was written not by the God themselves. It was other people’s interpretation. People see things differently.

Marriage in dictionary has also changed meaning, it is no longer the rights of a man and woman only. I have people said to me that, because they are the same sex, they will confuse their children. Come on, children are confused these days not because of that,  because parents are to scare to be parents. I have seen worse parents from opposite sex couples. I actually find more same sex couples are responsible. They could not have it naturally, they have to go over so many loops to adopt. They learn to cherish and not taking it for granted.

This welcoming news have made my day. I do work with people who are struggling to be recognised because they love the same gender. People belittle them, some people do not even recognise them, they keep telling them that you will learn to love women. Haven’t we seen so much from movies and histories, if you don’t be yourself, you will not be happy. This is 20 centuries but we seem to still discriminate because of whom they love, it seems so wrong.

One of my friend also pointed out a good point, it should not be gay marriage or same sex marriage but let’s called it marriage equality. Many friends of mine also have turned their Facebook profile pictures into a rainbow state, I am not doing that until I see Australia legalise marriage equality.

We need more happy people in this World. They are so many unhappy events such as wars, let’s not make our lives even worse. Celebrate these wonderful moment and hopefully, Australia will soon walk the path too. I would be so thrilled to witness that.