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Pokemon Go is the new phenomenon around the Globe.

For those who do not understand it, it seems like a cult. Hence, medias are trashing it.

As a player myself, I am biased. I think there are lots of things that are positive from this game but obviously I am not going to deny, there are dangers along with the game.

One my first day of playing, a guy almost got killed in front of me. He was playing Pokemon Go while crossing, the worse thing was he was not checking on the traffic. I could not deny, that I did it before. However, that was a wake up call for me. I could be that guy.

Playing Pokemon Go while driving is pretty much suicide waiting for happening. Do not drink and drive.

What are the positive about this game?

I saw many parents are bonding with their children while catching pokemons together. Mums and dads who are driving their childrens to find pokemon, find a topic starter. Obviously those topics are expanding.

There are more people at the park, walking, running and hunting. Many suddenly realise that they are healthier. Most players I have seen, said they are walking at least 10K per day. Same here. My worse day since the last three weeks were 8K. Some days I got to 20K. I have better night sleep too.

People are suddenly realising that their surroundings are beautiful, full of amazing art works. Some we have never seen. I have been to some of the areas numerous times, I still missed so much of it. My sense of community is stronger too as I come to appreciate this country.

It is a good conversation starter. I met many people who are playing alone, making friends on the park. This is a good conversation exchange. You met many interesting people.

People are not hunting real animals, I still consider that as a cruelty and by hunting pokemons, animals are safe.

Do not rub this off completely, it is a good game, best playing in a team and hunting together.


Gotta to catch them all.



Healing is a process but mine seems to take forever

Sometimes, it is good to recognise that you are sad and there is nothing wrong with being sad.

I am one of those that keep a lot inside and some people think they know me very well but maybe they only know the side I want them to see.

No matter, how strong you might be, please do take a rest and have a cry.

I have these pins might help you to have a good cry.


Teenage mums

On , 康熙来了9/1/2015, they talked about teenage mums. They invited about eight teenagers and talked about their motherhood. I was very shocked that most of them were under twenty. Most of them have unplanned pregnancy and luckily those girls’ partners were happy to take the responsibility by marrying them. However, kids having kids is becoming an increasing issue. One of the girl even spoke out that during her pregnancy, there were four other girls were pregnant too. I know many of you might think, you will not send your kids to that school. Again, do we blame the school or parents? many of the girls already dated few guys and how do we know that they were all protected sex?

I really do not think this should be a blaming game, we should all work together to reduce this and ensure kids have their best time. There were about three girls were happy to be a parents at young age. We also need to take into consideration most of their parents have them very young age and for them, it is acceptable.

Having kids at very young age do have some benefits such as your kids normally have a better rapport as the social barriers is normally lower. Parents can normally understand their kids better as parents often do not act authoritarian. They can normally behave like brothers and sisters instead of parents and children. Parents more likely can match their children’s energy level.

However, there are more consequences for having kids too young.  Many of them have to give up their schoolings or attending school in shame due to their pregnancy. Due to the fact, they have to give up their schoolings, often their jobs are not paying well in the current society where certificate of graduation does matter. Some of the young parents also under lots of pressure, they sometimes blame the kids that they could not go out and have fun with their peers. However, if you do let them go out, they might still be guilty for having so much fun without their kids. Those girls also pointed out, when they were out with their peers, their expectations are very different. Their peers might talk about job, boyfriend and fun things and they mostly talk about looking after kids.

I have to say that I was happy that most of them have their parents or grandparents to help them look after the kids but there are many single parents out there are doing it very hard. It is harder being a single parent as an adult let alone a child.

What could us as adults do? I am sure many of the parents have warned them on young pregnancy and problems. Most of them they still wont listen. Should we encourage more sex education at school then? However, the last time I check, talking about it is still a taboo at school. Sex education at school is not adequate to stop unplanned pregnancy. We also have so many movies glorifies unplanned pregnancy on teenagers, remember Juno? Parents need to talk to their kids about sex education too. It should not be left to the school to deal with it.

Many of us might not want this to happen but looking at the rate of increasing teenage’s pregnancy, it is better to prevent. One of the father was chasing his girl’s boyfriend and hit him with a bat. I am sure many of us do not want the parents end up killing the children for having unplanned sex. That father must be very sad but do anyone wants to see him in jail? No.

So we really need to increase awareness of sexual education, not only against pregnancy but also against STD. I would really hate that some of the girls were forced into sexual intercourse by their boyfriends. We need to empower girls education. It is very important for girls to know when and how to say ‘NO’ and protect themselves too. Boys can also be taught to respect girls when they say no. I remember there was an Youtube video on violence against women by asking those boys to slap the girl. This is another reason why, we need to teach both genders children to respect themselves and each others.





369651-carr-greggYou are responsible for yourself and your mental health. I recently attended a mental health session with a Melbourne psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. He is such a great speaker, I really enjoyed his presentations and I went to both of his sessions.

I attended few sessions like this before organised by my school but his stood out a lot in comparison. He got a great sense of humour and he was not there to sell things. Most of the things he introduced were free and achievable by everyone.

He mentioned many things which we aware of as a teacher but we were often too busy, ambitious and did not regard of it. These are the few tips he gave our group and hopefully, it might help you too.

  • Take them to relax
  • enjoy your surrounding
  • keep a happy/gratitude journal:
  • exercise: couch to 5k apps for iphone and android phone
  • sleep cycle apps to improve your sleeping hours
  • get a pet: please adopt at your local shelter and dont buy from pet shop (many pet shops’ animals come from puppy farms/mills)
  • Have a good friendship to support you or family members
  • If you cannot change something, change your perception (I was touched and inspired by his way of dealing with loss)
  • Sign up to do something nice: volunteer at something. (something I will do later)

I am not as good as selling all those points but I will highly recommend you to look after yourself, because you matter too!